Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Vending Machine of Doom

It's "of Doom" because it eats all my money. It's siren song of deliciousness steals my hard earned cash and leaves my butt and thighs too big.

Micah and I have several goals this year, one of which being to pay down as much of our debt as we can.

To that degree we took the majority of our tax refund and paid off several small cards and a medical bill (babies are EXPENSIVE). But there is still, sadly, much more to work on.

I've decided to try an experiment in saving money that I tend to fritter away.

I drink, on average, 2 bottled soda's at work. I buy them from the vending machines here and they cost $1.30 each. (ouch) That comes to $2.60.

Which is a lot but not as horrible as it's about to become.

That $2.60 is $13.00 a week. $52.00 a month. (Now we're starting to talk about money I notice)

Ultimately that's $676.00 a year. In soda. Just at work.

That does NOT include snacks or extra drinks or anything.


In an effort to save money I've decided that this week I will not buy ANYTHING from the vending machines. Or one the way to work. Or at lunch. No stopping at the grocery store, no going out for a burger. Nada.

This means that anything I want to consume at work much be brought with me from home. I will allow myself the ability to consume anything someone else provides for free such as donuts (not that anyone has brought any yet) and water.

This is day 2. Once this day is complete I will have saved at least $5.20. Not bad for only having to think about what to shove in my bag an extra 2 minutes in the morning.

My quandry is now what to do with the money we save.

Do I put it in a savings account? Do I just use it for the other bills we have? Do I set it aside for a specific purpose?

I haven't decided yet. Any ideas?


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