Monday, March 22, 2010

Craft Day

Every couple of months or so Leslie (Micah's mom), Melissa (Micah's sister) and I plus the children get together for craft day.

Craft day started in November 2008. I asked Micah if he thought his sister and mom would be up for getting together and making crafts. He shrugged and said why not?

I can't remember now if I called to ask or if I made him call (most likely) but we met at Leslie's house for Thanksgiving crafts and a tradition was set. Now we try to come together as Leslie's house every couple of months with the kids and make a themed craft day.

In early March it was for St. Patrick's Day but strangely I procrastinated and waited until the last minute to get the crafts. Like the day before craft day. So pickings were slim.

Mostly we just painted because Myles likes painting crafts and I had made him do heart stickers the month prior for Valentines. I feel ya buddy.

We painted wooden snacks, pottery animals and flower pots. I'm hoping to use the flower pots for Earth Day in April.

Leslie also put together an activity for the children that involved blowing glue into bubbles through a straw. It's MUCH harder than it sounds.

The girls attempt to mold their glue into small balls

Myles is ahead of the pack on listening to instructions and attempting the bubbles

Myles achieves bubble

William is very enthusiastic about his cousin's accomplishment

Paloma paints her wooden snake

Lizzie gets her bubble..finally (with an assist from mommy)

Paloma gets her bubble with an assist from Auntie Lacy

The baby is very entertaining

The table of destruction. And if you look closely, some of our flower pots. That front one is Myles'.

All in all I think we had a good time, at least I did. And the kids seemed to. The only downside was I think we ruined at LEAST one of Leslie's white chairs. I really should have thought that paint through a little more.

We were just plain tuckered out afterwards.


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