Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My mom had a green thumb. The greenest thumb I ever saw. So do my aunts. And my grandmother. And several of my cousins. And my mother in law. And even my father in law.

I don't. I generally kill plants. I kill them with love. And over watering. Usually.

On a side note...when I was growing up and we lived out in the middle of nowhere (The Cabin) we had a large garden. I have these memories of my mother spending hours going down each and every row weeding that thing by hand. I played in the weeds she discarded. I know we had a ton of stuff in that garden but I only remember carrots and peas. Oh and this one time she pulled out a giant root vegetable of some sort. My memory says it was a turnip but I'm not sure how correct that is. I'll scan a picture of the garden later.

ANYWAYS, I've gotten sidetracked.

I really, really want to start introducing garden to my hobby regime as well as healthy foods to our family.

So I decided to start a mini garden in my garden window in my kitchen. The back of the house gets a tremendous amount of sunlight so it seems like the thing to do.

These are what I decided to start with.

You have sugar snap peas (that I will eat), Jalapenos (that Micah will eat) and Cucumbers (that I will also eat.)

These are my pots and little dishes to set them in. These are the kinds of pots you can just set in the ground or larger containers when you are ready. Biodegradable. The dishes are not. Obviously.

4 pots, 4 dishes.

Opps. I misread the label. Turns out there were 6 pots. I bought 4 dishes. Oh well.

My handy dandy potting mix. Looks promising. The flowers on the bag look like they grow and stuff.

Pots with soil. The excitement is overwhelming, isn't it?

Multiple pots and soil. I know, it's too much to stand.

Molly assists with the exciting planting.

Pea seeds. I don't know why I put two in there. It just felt right.

Pots placed in window to get direct sunlight. I forgot to take a picture of me watering the pots so you'll just have to take my word for it. I watered them. Now they are getting all the sunlight they can.

I'll keep you updated on if anything actually grows though.



Good for you Lacy! Keep us posted on how they are doing! You must be anxious for spring. Do you have a place to transplant them?
Love, Aunt Connie


What fun, Lacy! I am not one of your cousin's with a green thumb. I've killed nearly every plant I've have the pleasure of owning, including a few cacti. I would love to have a garden, but Eric says that it would be futile with all the deer around here. Oh, and there's the possibility of a rat snake wandering in. YUCK!

Keep us updated on how it goes, and maybe I'll get inspired!


Auntie - I don't currently have a place to transplant them since I dont trust Tasha or Molly not to destroy them if I put them in the ground. I'm hoping to do some container gardening though so will probably move them to containers once I get them.

Elisa - if these grow and produce anything edible it will be a miracle. I do have a knack with chives so hopefully that will translate. I bet Joshy and Mari would love to decorate pots and plant chives. :)

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