Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patricks Day (a day late)

As my family knows, St. Patricks Day in my house is huge. I don't celebrate any holiday for a whole week like I do St. Patricks Day.

Every year my Aunt Connie sends me a St. Patricks Day Card and a gift of some sort. This year it was window clings and cups. Which was awesome. (She also sent me a St. Patricks Day Table Runner a few years back because I coveted her daughter's table runner for awhile. She's the bestest Auntie. But don't tell the others.)

All week I generally wear green clothes, green beads, hair hair ties and on St. Patricks Day itself I wear a green tattoo (temporary of course).

But not this year. THIS year the headiest head honcho from HR came to visit us. Her Compensation head honcho (think Cheney to the honcho being Bush) SAT WITH ME while I handled employee issues.

So my director asked me to tone it down. No crazy socks (I own 4 pairs of St. Patricks Day socks), no crazy hair bows or bands (uh yeah, a few of those too) and no tattoo. Talk about crushed.

I managed to wear my socks but kept every else to a dull St. Patricks Day roar.

At least at work. At HOME however, everyone managed to wear green. Well, except the baby. He doesn't know his colors yet. (Never mind that I'm the one who dressed him. And he HAD a St. Patrick's onesie from Aunt Connie.)

Nana came to town to watch Kylie's performance this Friday in the Phantom of the Opry and we went to Applebee's for dinner.

Will enjoys his Green Beer. (Not really people!)

Will and I sport our temporary St. Patricks Day tattoos.

Lizzie enjoys her green balloon animal T-Rex hat.

Nana enjoys a dinosaur balloon hat from time to time as well.



Fun post, Lacy! I was a little overwhelmed by the passion put into the St. Patrick's holiday by Eric's family, but now I love it. I can't help but love a saint who supposedly got rid of all the snakes in the country.

I have to say that my favorite part of the holiday is making (and eating, of course) the large Shamrock cookies we make (the cookie cutter was a gift from Connie). This year I didn't get to enjoy it as much as my morning sickness doesn't agree with sweets. ;)

Joshy also loves St Pat's socks. He was given a pair (by Connie) three or four years ago and he stretches them out to still fit in them. This year she gave him a new pair (but he says he'll still wear the old ones as well).

My favorite photo is the tattoo one. Sweet!



I love that you celebrate St. Pat's Day! Julie would be proud! I talked to Mike's kids on the 17th and they were having green mashed potatoes (a dish that we often had when the kids were home!). You may have to get a real shamrock tattoo.
Love, Aunt Connie

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