Sunday, August 28, 2011

Young Man

The other night I was walking up the sidewalk and noticed my son peeking out at my from the window of his bedroom. It was dark, about 9pm and he was supposed to be asleep.

"Young man, you get down from there and get in bed RIGHT NOW!" I said in my best stern mother voice.

He laughed at me.

"I mean it. It is past your bedtime, you go inside right now and get in bed." I was now standing in front of the window by at an angle and he was giggling maniacally.

"I mean it. If I have to come in there and put you bed myself I will."

More laughter.

"Fine I'm coming in there but you are not getting another bottle!"

As I turned around to go in the house I heard to my left, "Are you talking to me?"

Apparently my neighbor's 18 year old son was standing on his front stoop, I have no idea why. He thought I was telling HIM to go to bed. Of course he couldn't see the baby on the other side of the window or hear the laughter, he just heard the crazy neighbor lady scolding him and telling him to go to bed. At 9 o'clock at night.

Perhaps that explains why those neighbors choose to mow their backyard at 7am on Saturdays.

They hate me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

59 reasons

I love you....

1. You weren't afraid to let your hair grow gray
2. You showed me women didn't need to wear makeup to be beautiful
3. You instilled a distrust of pantyhose
4. You taught me how to manage my money before most of my friends even had money
5. You let me get a rabbit as a pet
6. You displayed patience that I can only hope to achieve
7. You taught me fractions
8. You accidentally taught me an Irish drinking song
9. You found money for summer camp
10. You made me laugh every time I spoke to you
11. You planted flowers where ever we lived
12. You had true compassion for your fellow man
13. You got me a phone when I was 13
14. When I was 11 you shared me special powder after a bath because I was feeling so hormonal
15. You bought me bath gel that you wouldn't even buy yourself because of the cost
16. You suggested I share my middle name with my daughters
17. No one else's mom had green eyes
18. Even though I was you never made me feel like an accident
19. You bought me groceries when I lived in Vegas
20. You had more friends than most people have hair on their heads
21. You honored your mother, even when she drove you crazy
22. You taught me the importance of knowing your family history
23. You told me to finish a semester of college before I got married
24. You scrimped and worked so we never had to leave my childhood neighborhood
25. You made up songs for each of my baby girls
26. You yelled at the neighborhood creepy boy for me
27. You brought me mac & cheese when I was babysitting for the "all organic/sushi" family
28. You cheered at all of my junior high meets and games
29. You showed me that family is more than just the people related to you
30. You believed me when I told you I didn't steal the Baileys (I really didn't either!)
31. You had a life that revolved outside of me
32. But also made me feel like I was your world
33. You never told me how hard teenage girls are
34. You let me call you "Mammy" when we lived in Texas
35. You never kept me from my father, even when he was a huge jerk to you
36. You let me figure stuff out on my own
37. You introduced me to Josh Groban
38. You paid $25 for my flute for 3 years
39. You took me on roadtrips
40. You taught me how to cross stitch and knit
41. I never went without what I needed
42. You watched "Pride and Prejudice" with me
43. The last thing you told me was that you loved me
44. When the world was crumbling around you, you faced it with dignity and grace
45. I never saw you stressed out
46. The best quote I ever learned was hanging in your house
47. You watched Dr. Quinn and Saturday Night Live with in the same night
48. You taught me how to ride my bike
49. You let me order cream pies for dessert
50. You gained 60 pounds when you were pregnant only to have a 6lb 9 oz baby
51. You knew I was sick before I did or my Dr.'s believed it
52. You found me a mid-wife for my delivery with Ky
53. You let me change schools
54. You guilted me into getting my first tattoo
55. You loved with your whole heart
56. You took me to church
57. You defended me
58. You wouldn't let me be a statistic
59. You were born on August 10, 1952

Happy Birthday Mom.

I miss you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not a photographer

Lately when I show people pictures of my kids I get "Are you a photographer?".

The answer is no. But, I explain, it's easy to look like one when you have a camera more complicated than the space shuttle and such easy subjects to work with.

For the record, I STILL don't know how my camera works. But Micah does and that's all that matters.