Friday, February 26, 2010

5 lessons on pumping

I've been back to work for just over 2 weeks now and I have been pumping breastmilk for William's snacking pleasure for 3 weeks. I feel I have some wisdom to share, even if it only makes you laugh.

I present -
5 RULES FOR PUMPING (breastmilk at work)

1. Bring breast pads.
This is the first baby I've ever even needed breast pads with. I constantly forget them though. Today I was on a phone call and I started to leak breast milk. Which wouldn't matter if I wasn't wearing a solid color shirt so that a wet spot right in the middle of my breast looks just like a beacon. There is only so long you can pull the "I spilled my drink on myself." That time stops when your spot starts on your nipple and runs all the way down to your waist.

2. Do NOT put your breast pump in the fridge.
I don't care how pressed you are for time and organization. A cold milk horn against a warm breast? Does NOT encourage my milk to flow.

3. Be discreet.
Sure, yelling "Hey I gotta go milk myself!" is funny once or twice but it is an HR nightmare after that. Of course nothing gets you onto break faster and with less questions than looking at your boss and saying "I gotta go handle some stuff." when they know you're pumping.

4. Make sure your breastpump is clean.
Nothing makes you question that hard won milk more than an odd odor coming from bra.

5. Bring an extra bottle.
I know about what I can expect from each pumping but I try to bring an extra bottle just in case. Because when you don't bring an extra bottle sometimes that port in the storm for milk storage looks a little weird. And makes you nervous a co-worker might steal it in the fridge.


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