Friday, March 5, 2010

Week in review

Alternately titled: Things we learned or did this week

1. Kylie wants the theme of her Sweet 16 party to be "The '80's." I'm in search of a hair band. Micah is trying to convince her to have a Quinceanera instead.

2. I may or may not have given my 3.5 month old son gravy on Wednesday. If I had given it to him he would have really liked it. Along with the mashed potatoes that I may or may not have given him.

3. Lizzie tried to drink the aforementioned gravy straight from the serving spoon. She is her Grandmother's (Julie) granddaughter.

4. To get Lizzie to eat ANYTHING just serve it with sauce of some kind. Gravy, sweet & sour, ketchup, whatever. She'll eat it if there be sauce.

5. I have a list of Kylie's downloads from Itunes. She'll kill me when I tell you that not a one of them is from a Horror Metal band. They are ALL from '80's hair bands. I'm going to torture her tonight by humming "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leopard.

6. I had to clean lint out of my son's wrist fat rolls. I want to say to that Dr who was all worried because he was a couple of ounces shy of birth weight at 2 weeks old "How do you like me NOW?"

7. My plants haven't sprouted yet. It's been 2 days since I planted them. The anxiety is killing me.

8. Migraines suck. A lot. So much I had to see my Dr. and get medication for them. Yuck.

9. I'm registering for my PHR (Professional in Human Resources) Certification test tonight. It's going to happen in June. I need to start studying NOW.

10. Micah does not like gray shirts. He says they are boring. I need to do laundry a little more often to stop gray shirts from being a part of his wardrobe.



I adore your randomness, Lacy.

If I lived in the area, I would so crash Kylie's party. In fact, I would wear the clothes I have that I actually bought in the 80s...though they fit quite differently.

Isn't there a story in the family about someone feeding a newborn-ish baby ice cream, and that baby liking it? You'll have to ask Linda or Connie.


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