Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the day you were born....

My kids like to hear the story of when they were born. I probably tell it 5 times a year to Kylie and 20 times to Lizzie. Will still remembers the whole sordid detail. He doesn't ask. Yet.

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 31 now. Scary, I know.

Unfortunately my mom isn't here to tell you the story of when I was born. Luckily I, like my children, was always fascinated with the story. So I know it by heart.

On the day I was born it was a Friday. My mother was 2 weeks overdue and was essentially living on Mallomars (cookies) and cigarettes. (Don't judge her)

She woke up that morning and felt....different. Something was different than the day before but she really couldn't put her finger on it. Within an hour or so though, she thought she might be in labor.

So she called her friend, I think it was Barb, and said "Hey, I think I'm in labor."

Barb said, "Great, lets go to breakfast."

So they did.

After breakfast my mom went to her Dr's appointment where he confirmed she was in labor. He told her she needed to go to the hospital RIGHT NOW.

Being the hippy that she was though she informed the Dr that she needed to go home. After all Harvey's sons (My fathers sons, my brother and ex-step brother) were at school and she needed to be home when they got home. Besides, there was laundry that needed to be folded.

So she went home and folded laundry and waited for the boys to come home.

At about 5pmish she decided she should probably go to the hospital as the labor was starting to get a little rough. She left a note with the boys for Harvey when he got home from work and drove herself, in labor, to the hospital.

I have no idea what time Harvey got there. That part of the story was never really mentioned.

But he did. At some point the Dr determined that I was stuck on her hip and they needed to use forceps to get me out. My father told them no. He was afraid it would damage me or scar me or something. So my mother labored and pushed for several more hours until finally the Dr told my father to kiss his ass, this baby wasn't coming out any other way.

So I was delivered via forceps at 11:10pm on March 23, 1979 at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. I weighed 6lbs, 9 oz. I have no idea how long I was.

I mentioned I was 2 weeks overdue right? When my babies go overdue they tend to be in the 8lb range. Just sayin'.



Happy Belated Birthday, Lacy! I wish I would have known sooner. I'll try to remember for next year; March 23 is Joshy's half birthday.

I loved the story. I loved that kids love stories. Oral history is an awesome way to preserve family history. Keep up the tradition!

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