Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like his father

He's squawking in his high chair. Micah's already fed him his pureed baby food but he's still hungry, demanding more. We are all sitting around the dinner table and are dishing up our plates so I separate 2 noodles of macaroni and cheese and place them on his tray.

He settles back into his seat and quickly picks up the noodles and places them into his tiny pink mouth. He's quiet and makes quick work of it so I hand him 2 more noodles. He shoves them into his mouth and you can see him visibly relax as his munches his new food.

I place 3 more separated noodles on his tray along with about half an inch of half of a green bean since we are having those for dinner as well. He shoves the noodles into his mouth and gums them for awhile.

Then he turns his attention to the green bean. He pokes it with his pointer finger and then picks it up with his chubby pincher grip.

He settles back into his seat and with eyes focused on mine he moves his arm to the side and drops the green bean to the floor.

As the dogs swoop in for this tiny morsel he looks and me and says "Gah". My tiny dictator wants more. It just better not be green beans.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I know I know....

It's been forever since i posted. I'm sorry. I keep meaning to but life seems to be getting in my way.

Short news:

I was laid off on November 11th. I have to work for the next 30 days and then I get 6 weeks of severance. I'm bitter that I have to show up to work when everyone else laid off on the same day has been sent home, paid, to look for work. I'm not bitter about losing my jobs. Thems the breaks as my mother used to say.

Will had a birthday. How on earth did he turn one? Didn't I just come back from maternity leave last week?

I got into a fight with my marriage counselor. I don't think it bodes well for things to come. From her anyways. I'm fairly certain Micah wanted to scream "See what I'm talking about?!" The fight was over the word "stuff" as opposed to "miscellaneous". Yes, really.

Micah hung Christmas lights over the weekend. We skipped it last year due to the new baby but this year he was ready to go. He's been plotting it for weeks. He did promise me he would not put out any inflatable Christmas decorations in the front yard.

More on Will's unbirthday party (his real party is next weekend) later. For now, I gotta fly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What? I'm behind? Yeah I know. Life is busy, it's fall and birthdays and Halloween and thanksgiving and well, you know. Work is busy too.

For weeks Lizzie had been saying she wanted to be a lady bug for Halloween. Lo and behold when we got to the costume store where there was a Lady bug costume she instead chose to be.....

A southern belle.


Still cute. Just more expensive.

William was a blue monster. I thought he was adorable. He cursed at me in only the way he can. Scream, crying and trying to claw my eyes out.

Kylie was Alice from Resident Evil. I hear it's a video game. And a movie or two. I don't play those games or watch those movies so for all I know it was a reason to wear a short red dress.

Lizzie, Will, Leslie (my long suffering but patient mother in law) and I went to Jenny's nursing home on Sunday for trick or treating.

Imagine, if you will, the fun of a lot of patients and older folks, some not as sharp as they used to be, gathered in a circle and handed bags of candy. Now the bags were for them to give out to the kids who came through but the way it was packaged certainly led to some confusion. They were Halloween treat bags and were tied closed, like you would give to friends and coworkers with treats for them to eat.

Yeah, some of them got into the candy before the kids got there.

We were early (on time) and so not everything was set up completely. I used Will has a distraction while we waited for the trick or treating to start.

I think there needs to be a study on how long a single baby can entertain a room full of adults. I bet it can last up to 5 hours or longer.

Trick or treating at night was a success. Well. A success in that Will fussed ALMOST the entire time, Lizzie only screamed and cried once and we trick or treated without coats.

Next year Micah takes them.