Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Phantom of the Opry is there....

So Friday night was the final performance of the middle school play Kylie was in. It was titled "The Phantom of the Opry" and was a spoof of the "Phantom of the Opera". Kylie had been complaining for weeks, nay, months, that it wasn't the original Phantom but managed to suck it up and audition and perform.

She actually had two rolls in the play, the first being Felicity Van Loon, a "culture vulture" if you would believe the playbill and the second being Smokey Fish, a one "man" band. We saw her the night she was Felicity which had much more lines and time on stage.

No small parts you know, just small actors.

Here is some video of Kylie talking about how Christine is a nobody and they want to hear Carlotta sing. The stage lights went out in the middle of the performance (I'm not sure if it was supposed to or not) and the background fell. (It was not supposed to, I'm pretty sure)

Despite some really awful weather yesterday (near white out conditions where I work) Micah's sister Melissa and her husband Matt plus their two children Myles and Paloma were able to make it and Nana had flown in from out of town to visit. So we pretty much took up a row of seats.

The cutest thing to happen? When Kylie came out on stage Lizzie, who was standing in her chair to better see her sister, started calling out "THERE IS SISSY! HI SISSY!" and waving. Many in the audience turned out to see and smile but luckily Kylie didn't hear it or at least it didn't throw her off her game.


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