Friday, March 12, 2010

It's been 10 days and....

I've got some green. And not just because it's St. Patrick's week.

This is a picture of my first "group" of plants. They grow on the right side of my window.

Hey look! There is some green in the center. But what you might be missing is that there is ALSO green to the left. Let me introduce you.

This is my first cucumber plant. We'll call her Minnesota Cuke. (Those with kids who watch Veggie Tales just rolled their eyes at me. I know.) She's the biggest of the bunch and my only cucumber plant currently.

But THIS is my Sugar Snap Pea plant. Known around here as Pretty Pea. As you can see her green shoot has finally broken the surface and is headed towards sunlight.

This, sadly, is my pepper pot. Currently nothing going on in there other than some yellow balls that I believe to be well hydrated but not sprouting yet pepper plants. Micah assured me that via the seed packet these dont sprout for 10 - 20 days but I'm not holding my breath.

This is my second grouping of pots. They grow on the left side of the window and as you can see not much going on here. In fact only the Pea pot seems to have any possibilities.

It's hard to see but that is the tiniest green sprout there with the white balls of pea seed directly underneath it. (Sorry, I don't know my technical plant terms. I'm a novice here and too lazy too look it up.)

I wont name it until that plant is upright. Any suggestions for that Sugar Snap Pea plant?

Is it wrong to name them? Just like you shouldn't name your farm animals because you're going to eat them, should I refrain from naming my plants since I plant to eat them as well?



Sweet P., not Sweet Pea, but P. after Paloma. :)


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