Monday, October 24, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Brian and his wife (and their new baby) have finally moved to Las Vegas which means a whole new stage of our lives here in Colorado.

No more week on, week off, no more two households, no more Sunday night switch.

I actually like it better and I believe the girls do too. Consistency in a home is a good thing. While they both miss Brian he's been good about calling them and texting Ky etc.

But the move also means school holiday visits. Colorado has a fall break for a week in October and so this was the first visit since he moved at the end of September.

Because Ky is 16 now we don't have to pay the unaccompanied minor fee, she just has to be in charge of Lizzie. That is a nice money saver but also a worry for me because those two seem to get under each others skin.

Not really having a sister I assumed that because there was such an age gap between them this wouldn't be an issue. I was mistake. Lizzie has a way of teasing Ky that Ky takes VERY personally and she retaliates in a pretty mean way to Lizzie which makes her cry. My nightmare was that happening in the airport and Ky losing Lizzie at some point.

Luckily for me Frontier Airlines was very understand of my neurosis nightmare concern and gave me a gate pass. The girls and I made it through security and lucky for me Lizzie and I didn't have to go through the body scan. (Sorry Ky!)

After we got through security Ky's Kindle stopped working and so her mood went from Eeyore to MASSIVE TEENAGED ANGER so I was glad I was there. First to call Amazon and find out what the deal was and second to make sure Lizzie was watched over because at one point Ky just got up and walked away without telling me where she went. Nice.

The girls posed for me while we waited for their flight to be called.

Lizzie had a case of the fidgets in a big way and told me "I think I'm gonna SQUIRM" after I asked her to try and control her body. But she did LOOK as though she was fighting it.

Finally their row was called so I walked them up to the ticket agent. Lizzie hugged me huge and I hugged her back. Ky of course is a seasoned pro of leaving mom on an airplane so I'm not even sure she said goodbye to me. I got this photo of them before I just started crying like an idiot in the airport.

They did make it safely and no one called security on me as I stumbled/cried my way back through the airport so I guess it was a good day overall.

Now I'm just counting down the days until they get back.

And eating ice cream for dinner. Because I can.