Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I never thought I would say....

On the heels of my HILARIOUS blog from this weekend I thought I would bring you, THINGS I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SAY. All of the following phrases were uttered by me after birthing Kylie but include Lulu induced items as well.

*As a side note to my Cousin (in law?), Elisa, yes, the bathtub incident, in retrospect was hysterical.

So without further ado:

1. She's so cute, I could just eat her butt
2. Stop licking the cat
3. Stop biting the dog
4. Do not paint the dog
5. Please don't eat the bird poop
6. The spiders in your hair made such a mess
7. No you may not wear panties on your head to school. I don't care if it IS crazy hat day.
8. Cursing is still cursing, even in Spanish
9. Rub my belly and then you can have a Popsicle (That might have been said to Micah. But I would totally tell my kids that too.)
10. Can you at least pretend you like your dinner?
11. Molly is not your horse, I don't CARE if you lets you sit on her
12. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Hysterical screaming and jumping on the counter when my precious 2 year old brought an earth worm into the house in her hand and showed me her "prize". Brian laughed so hard he fell against the door and wet himself.)
13. Please don't put the cat on the ceiling fan
14. Who pooped?
15. Farts are not appropriate conversation at the dinner table
16. Don't EAT your boogers
17. No you may not color your hair purple (said to a 3 year old)
18. No you may NOT get your eyebrow OR chin pierced (said to a 13 year old)
19. Just because the dog poops outside does not mean it's okay for YOU
20. Worms are just extra protein. Right?




I needed that. Eric's and my favorite: number 19. We don't have a dog, but our kids ask to do that same things on a regular basis. What's the appeal?!


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