Monday, August 3, 2009

Ren Faire Weekend

I just kinda need to get this out. Teenagers Suck.

Phew, I feel better.

Okay sometimes they are really wonderful and great and blah blah blah. And sometimes they make a situation miserable and you wonder why on earth you didn't just swear off children altogether. Or at least I do.

I totally respect my mothers decision to stop at 1 kid. Smart woman. I'm also amazed at the ability of Nana to let me live. Because I'm sure she had days where she tried to talk my mom into putting a pillow over my face. I know it. I sucked too.

This weekend was the last weekend for the Renaissance Festival in Colorado. It runs weekends for like 8 weeks and it's wonderful and fun and one of the biggest I've ever been to. Last year I took Kylie and we had fun and I had money. I might have spent a little more last year than I meant to but it was worth it. This year though, well. There is a budget. We have a new bedroom to build. And someones hair to dye green. (well just the front) And a cat to fix. Oh and hospital co-pays that I'm STILL paying off that are not for a baby delivery. So yeah, not a lot of money to spend. I told each child that they had $20.

Micah was absent. He had to go into work but I'm sure he was just joyful devastated not to be walking around in a million degree heat with a grumpy teenager, waddling wife and overly enthusiastic 4 year old.

But the Ren Faire is full of free shows and vendor booths and characters etc. that honestly, you shouldn't have to pay a whole lot of have hours of entertainment.

Unless you're 13 going on Angry. *eyeroll*

Everything that was interesting to her was over $20. Shop after shop pissed her off. Well, I pissed her off telling her no. She was angry the whole time, stomping off, crossing her arms etc. She talked back to me in a tone that made 2 strangers turn around and say "Oh she's at THAT stage." Strangers. Who were men. Like my age men. CRAZY. But that's what happens when teenagers suck I guess. It must be universal.

Lulu on the other hand spent her $20 joyfully. She paid for an elephant ride for her and me. ($8.00 total) She painted a crown at the pottery store ($3.00), she rode a Llama ($4.00) and bought an ice cream for herself which she shared with me ($3.00). Oh and she bought herself a drink ($3.00). Overall she spent just a dollar extra and considering she shared both her drink and her ice cream with me I'm willing to cut her some slack. She would have been happy looking at every.single.thing at the faire and running through the grass with the other little kids. She met not one but 2 fairies which was possibly the most awesome thing she had ever experienced in her life.

And she rode a llama. And an elephant. So that's saying something. One Fairy gave her a glass stone (like you would put at the bottom of your fish tank) and it had glitter on it and OH MY GOSH MOMMY SHE GAVE ME A MAGIC STONE! was all I heard the whole way home.

Kylie eventually spent her $20 and was mad that I wouldn't buy her incense as well. But I held firm. I did buy her a drink that she shared with me and Lulu also so I don't count that. But the whole way home she was a grump and not much fun.

I know it's wrong but I just don't want to take her next year. I want to pawn her off on Brian and his Girlfriend (who collects Fairies) and make them take her and either spoil her or confirm the cheapness that prevails in her life and just take Lulu for whom Fairies are still real and magical and $20 buys more fun than you can possibly imagine.


Different children, different ages, different mommy.


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