Thursday, August 27, 2009


When I was much, much younger, about 7 or 8, my mother and I used to have what we called Special Night. It was a way for her and I to try and connect. She would take me to a local mall that wasn't ever very busy and she would buy me an Arby's sandwich and we would talk and then go to the arcade and play a few games and sometimes to the book store.

It was here that we first stumbled across Serendipity books. I don't recall the first one she bought but when she had the money she would pick another one up and we would read them at home.

If you are unfamiliar with them, well, then you need to go buy them. They are fantastic stories that are short enough for me to read to my 4 year old and have wonderful illustrations. They are what I would call "soft" and have a great self esteem lesson generally attached.

As Lulu has transitioned to Kindergarten her teacher has recommended we read to her more often at night. I'll admit, I haven't been as good about reading to her as I was with Kylie. So we've been working on it.

Monday night I stumbled across THE Serendipity book. It's the first one, the one that the whole series is named after. I offered to read the book to her and as a temptation, informed her it was MY book and that my Mom used to read it to me. She declined. Repeatedly.

But Tuesday, she asked for it. She asked for "That book we looked at last night. The one your Mommy read you."

I couldn't find it. Still can't. I put it back on the shelf but that child has 3 shelves of books and those books are tiny. Well thin anyways.

I found another book called Flutterby. It's the same series and it's also one of MY books that my Mom read so we read that instead Tuesday night. She enjoyed it.

I tend to forget, especially for Lulu, that she never really knew my Mom. I need to share things like that with both the kids, things and stories about their Grandma that they don't know or remember.

And I need to find that stinkin' book.

*You can find out about Serendipity books at and they are sold at most places books are sold. And no, I'm not getting a darn thing for mentioning these books or linking to the website. Stephen Cosgrove doesn't even know I'm alive.


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