Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today is Lulu's first day of school. She is officially a Kindergartner now and was beyond excited for today. I didn't cry. Except on the way to work. And only for a second.

Last night we took a bath, brushed our hair and she picked out her first day outfit by herself. The jean have some sparkly's on the pocket that you can't see. The sweater does indeed have a dog on it. Those are her brand new school shoes that she has been longing to wear for at least 2 weeks.

If you're wondering, that's her lunch bag. Yeah I know, it's the size of her head but I didn't exactly ace the planning department this year and she had to use one of the adult lunch bags today. I'll get it right eventually.

She and I sat down this morning and went over the items in her lunch box (Apple, raisins, peanut butter sandwich, milk money and a chocolate pudding. Chocolate pudding should be eaten last.

We also went over the items in her backpack. I sent chocolate animal crackers for snack time.

She MUST give these to the teacher. Everything else will go to the teacher too and it's all going in a group and everyone is going to share their stuff. I can't guarantee that any of that sunk in. I bet she comes home with the animal crackers.

I also have a confession. I thought her first day was tomorrow and so I took tomorrow off weeks and weeks ago and scheduled all sorts of appointments for it. Turns out, not so much. So I still have tomorrow off but missed actually taking her for her first day of school. I'll have to settle for second day.


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