Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's all in the timing

This thought has been running around in my brain awhile and I feel the need to spit it out.

Perfect timing.

I'm a believer in perfect timing. That is to say that everything that happens happens at the perfect time. While it's happening I may not THINK or KNOW that it's the perfect time but Gods timing is always the perfect time, despite what I think about it.

The thing though, is that this is a strongly held conviction for me. It is something I occasionally struggle with (see: OMG I'm freshly divorced and pregnant by my boyfriend of 7 months!) but overall it's something I accept whole heartedly.

Perfect timing SEEMS like an easy thing to have belief in though, doesn't it? And it is when we are talking about babies or falling in love or moving states etc.

But it's times like job loss with no real prospects of new jobs, health concerns that aren't easily resolved, divorce and death that it's easy to NOT believe in perfect timing. Because who wants to believe that there is such a thing as perfect timing of death? That's crap. Right?

It's not. As I said above, perfect timing has nothing to do with OUR timing and everything to do with God's* timing.

While it is does not seem to be perfect timing for a teenager to get pregnant it was certainly God's perfect timing for reasons we didn't understand at the time. (My mother got to be a grandmother for 9 years which she never would have had if I hadn't gotten pregnant then since I have, believe it or not, fertility issues.)

My point is, that we as humans often profess a faith in something haphazardly. We say things like "everything happens for a reason" but I don't know that we always believe it. We should always say what we mean and truly think about it before we say it.

I believe in perfect timing, even if it doesn't seem like the perfect time for me. My mother's death was perfect timing in a way I can't fully grasp because I'm human and not omnipotent. My pregnancy is perfect timing although we get stressed about money and kids and the future. My teenagers "issues" came up through perfect timing even though it caused a lot of stress and worry on our family.

Like I said, I don't always understand the WHY of perfect timing. But I truly believe in, all the way through. And since I do I have to believe in perfect timing of both good and bad things.

Do you believe in perfect timing regardless of the issue?

*Your Deity may vary



Yes, Lacy, I believe in God's perfect timing - we don't always know why things happen when they do - but again as you said, we are not omnipotent. Sometimes I cry out WHY, WHY - but am strengthened to have faith that God always wants the best for us.
Love you, Aunt Connie

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