Monday, August 17, 2009

Interspecies Love

I'm sure Micah and if I had any other geeks reading this would think I was talking about Aliens. I'm not.

In our house there are 2 packs. One is the larger pack that includes all humans and animals. Micah is the leader of that pack. I'm his second in command. Number 1 to his Captain Picard.
The other pack is just all furry creatures. Tasha is his back up for that and she takes her job very seriously.

I watch her and she constantly appears to be the beleaguered big sister telling Molly to stop jumping up on humans or stop barking at the squirrels or telling Lulu to stop throwing things at her. She is all things patient with all things. She lets Lulu pretend paint her face and lets Molly "sneak" attack her over and over and over again.

When we got Jason the cat a few months ago I thought for sure she would eat him. And at first it appeared that the harmony in our house for our furry creatures would be irrevocably broken. But as time has passed both she and Molly have adapted to the small, furry, hissing kitten that has invaded their home. While Molly likes to follow him around and sniff the heck out of him, Tasha once again has taken the big sister roll on for him too and has been seen blocking Molly from him when he gets grumpy and she gets too inquisitive for her own good.

In the last two weeks or so things have taken a disturbing turn though in the relationship between Jason and Tasha.

At first I just thought it was odd when I saw him biting her foot while she was resting on the carpet. She let him play attack her foot and attempt to play with it like a mouse, chewing on it and grabbing at it with his claws. She didn't move her foot, didn't growl, just patiently let him wear himself out.

But Friday night things took a, shall we say, interesting turn.

She looks guilty there, doesn't she. Like she knows what he's doing is wrong but she just can't stop him.

When I first saw this and pointed it out to Micah he thought the Jason was chewing on her ear. Which, if true, would have officially made her the most patient dog ever. But he's not.

The cat is LICKING her ear. Over and over and over again. He's essentially grooming her ear. Frankly she still looks a little guilty to me. She likes it, I think, but hates that the humans are watching her.

Last night though, was the peak of weird to us. There is a dog bed by my side of the bed in our room. The cat weighs about 4 lbs and the bed is made for dogs up to 75lbs I believe. It's Tasha's bed first. It's been her bed since before Micah and I had even met. But occasionally the cat claims the bed for himself and when he does the dogs just lay AROUND the dog bed, letting the small cat take up the whole freaking bed. I know.

Tasha and the cat are co-sleeping.

I don't know that our house can handle the chaos that now MUST ensue that dogs and cats are lying together. If cats and dogs can get along, who knows what else must be in store for us. World peace? The truth that there really is a Santa Claus? Winning the lotto? I don't know either but you can bet, it must be good.


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