Monday, August 31, 2009


Growing up I was a very picky child. Truthfully, I'm a still a picky eater when it comes to eating.

Last year when Micah and I had started dating he took me to the most glorious Mexican restaurant ever called Carlo Miguel's. He also ordered the table side guacamole service. I didn't have the guts to tell him that I didn't like guacamole because we were new to this dating thing and he had raved about it the whole time.

*To side note here, I had TRIED guacamole once when I was 7. My dad had told me if I tried 5 things (new food items) I could have a kitten. Guacamole was my 5th item. I was already predisposed not to like it it because it was green and I was 7. Then my dad reneged on the kitten promise. Guacamole has been my mental blame for that ever since.*

So the guacamole arrives and Micah is digging in and I thought "What the hell?" Also, Micah is an incredibly picky eater, more so than I am, which is scary. So if HE could eat the guacamole then why couldn't I?

I hesitantly took a chip and scooped a small amount on the the end. It was probably minuscule. I bit down. It was good. It was more than good. I wanted more.

I possibly ate the whole bowl that night and snarled at Micah if he got too close to it. I'm not saying I licked the bowl. But it could have happened.

Now that I am 7 months into this pregnancy, that same restaurant and same guacamole elicit an even strong siren call. I may be known to occasionally drive 45 minutes just to eat the chimichanga and guacamole there.

The thing is, my kids have also take a fancy to guacamole. Which is good and bad because I have to share now.

Kylie wanted to hate it, she really did. But when she saw the way her picky Mama gobbled it down she had to try it. And likes it, against her will almost. Lulu will occasionally take a bite but she is head over heels with the bean dip they have there and would prefer that only. In fact yesterday she just ate bean dip and chips for dinner. With a little of my rice for my sake.

It's possible though that we go there a little too often. When we went a couple of weeks ago (second day of school celebration?) they let Lulu assist in the guacamole assembly process. I think we must tip well too.

Lizzie scoops the tomatoes and onions into the guacamole.


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