Thursday, August 20, 2009


It occurred to me last night that yesterday was the anniversary of our first date. We were actually matched on eHarmony on 7/24 but didn't bother to go out together until almost a month later. Because he was taking it slow. And I sorta had other people I may or may not have been seeing at the time and that really did suck a lot of my time as well. Oh and I had my kids every other week and I refused to go out on dates on weeks that I had my kids. So that is a huge timesuck as well.

ANYWAYS, Micah did finally ask me out. For a Monday night date. Because he had the day off. Oh and is awesome.

Now when he told me where we were going, The Cool River Cafe, I could have been nosy or at least curious and checked out the menu or at least looked for one online. I didn't. I asked a co-worker if she knew it, she didn't and I let it drop. Yeah I know. I figured it would be, like, a cafe.

It's actually a really nice steak house in Colorado. REALLY nice.

We met there and I was impressed immediately when it turned out that Micah had made reservations. It showed some thinking and forethought that I had not experienced before. As I said, I was impressed.

The date itself started at 7pm. We left the place at close to 11pm. We had a great time, or I did anyways. I assume he did too.

We had shared a piece of cheesecake, talked the entire time and really enjoyed each others company (and steak, OMG was that good). I gave him a hug goodnight.

The weird part though was that I had planned a safety call from a girl friend that night. She never called me even though she had been adamant that I get everything on this guy including SSN and Drivers License info (I didn't get either). BUT, another gentleman that I had been seeing called me something like 7 times that night and texted me I don't know how many more. Yes, I was honest and had told this young man I was going on a date. I didn't tell Micah it wasn't my safety call. Because that would have been awkward to explain.

Smartest thing he did though? He called me after the date to tell me he had had a good time. He didn't wait 3 days or whatever the rule was, if I remember correctly he called me that night.

According to Micah last night it was the best $100 bucks he ever spent.



we should go back soon

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