Sunday, August 30, 2009

Advice to myself

The odd part of having a child when you're a child yourself is that you find yourself giving advice that you wish you had received when you were about the half you age you are now. So for example I find 30 year old me giving advice to 14 year old, well not me, but someone very much like me.

So advice for me but not totally me:

I know you think that guy with the greasy hair and leather jacket is hot. Avoid him. Avoid him at all costs. That will only lead to heartbreak and a trip to the OB office.

You don't know it all. No really. You are about to learn so much in school it's ridiculous. Pay attention.

Have fun. Don't pay so much attention at school that you don't have fun. Try things. Do things. You're going to move away from here anyways when your 18 and none of that will matter but you may always wonder what life would have been like if you had done this or tried that.

Hug your mom more. There will come a day where you weren't such a crappy kid and you'll really miss her. Hug her again just in case.

Don't skip school so much. It doesn't matter if you're smarter than they think you are. Trouble happens when you aren't in school. Attend more often.

Before you say anything when you're angry take a deep breath. Then walk away. You can never take those words back once they are out and you'll often find that time and distance make those words less important to say.

Don't worry so much about being right when with other people. Worry about making it right when you're wrong.

Dream. And dream big. Don't fall into the trap of thinking there is nothing out there for you. There are a ton of things out there, you just have to dream it to make it happen.

Don't skip college. Not even for a year. It'll be too hard to go back and take a lot of work.

I wonder if my Mini-Me will hear me. I don't think I would have heard myself....



Very good advice. Much easier to listen to when you are older. I will continue to pray that Kylie will listen.
Aunt Connie

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