Saturday, January 2, 2010

Done with 2009, on with 2010

2009 is done and over with. I know a lot of people in the blogosphere are saying good riddance to bad rubbish but I am a little more fond of 2009 than they would be I suppose.

In 2009 I received the first set of roses for Valentines in my life. I also received the first chocolates for Valentines. 9 months later I had a baby. I'll get to that in a minute though.

I also turned 30. I traveled to Mexico with the man I loved and climbed a Mayan Pyramid and saw the great Mayan serpent Quetzalcoatl during the Spring Equinox (also on my birthday). I saw with Dolphins and explored ruins and loved it.

I helped my oldest daughter deal with her anxiety & depression issues. To see her blossom today is a testament to the hard work we went through in 2009.

My youngest daughter started Kindergarten and is flourishing and thriving. That happened in 2009.

I kept my job. This might not seem like a lot but we had massive layoffs this year and even HR was affected. I have a job to go back to in 2010 thankfully.

I got married! On 7/8/9 I married the best man on the planet. Well, for me anyways. Although I'm pretty sure if there is a ranking of all the men, he's in the top 5.

I had a baby. Okay so it was unexpected, I still had one. I had my first (and last) little boy and got another chance at this motherhood business. At least God has faith in me when I don't have faith in myself.

I went to two book signings. That might not seem like much but I feel that anytime I get out of the house AND get a chance to read, it's a good thing. (The authors are both blog owners as well. You can read, author of the book It sucked and then I cried and author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.) I got my books signed too, which I am proud of.

There is so much more that I am blessed for in 2009. I have an amazing family and group of awesome friends, I had a great maternity wardrobe (3rd time was the charm), and I had more pedicures in 2009 than in the entirety of life prior.

Truly, I am blessed.

It's hard to imagine 2010 being any better but here's to hoping anyways. And I hope your 2010 is amazing as well.



Aww what a sweet post this is! I am so glad you had a wonderful 09. Roses and babies and marriage and book signings (!). I love it. Here's to many more! Happy New Year.

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