Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Left, Right, Left, Right, Left

I tend to find the nature vs nurture debate fascinating, especially when it comes to child rearing. Whenever Kylie used to do something utterly insane my ex husband and I would have a joking argument about whether that action was cause by nature (i.e. my biological input) or nurture (i.e. his parenting).

I'm still convinced the really stupid stuff was all a product of nurture.

But some interesting things strike me about my children. For example Kylie's handwriting looks exactly like her birth fathers. Even though she's never seen his handwriting.
Lizzie's tongue is attached behind her back teeth, just like mine (some people call that tongue tied but I'm not sure why).

Things like that interest me. What is a product of nature and what is a product of nurture?

I, today, discovered another interesting detail about this nature business.

I think Will is left handed. Which would be unique in and of itself except that Micah is left handed. And so is Leslie, my mother in law. And so is Micah's brother Andy. So is my Aunt Linda. And now my baby boy is too, at least I think so.

You may ask what makes me think he's a leftie, after all, he's only 6 weeks old.

I present to you the following pictures. Both happened naturally with no assistance from me and both show him using his left hand.

Sorry about the poor quality, those are taken with my iPhone. And those occurred several hours apart.

But yes, Will prefers to suck his left thumb. It's possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen but then, I'm biased.

Now I just need to figure out how to teach him to write left handed.



My Goodness that's the cutest Cherub I think I've ever seen!!!!!!!
Love Left handed,
Grandma Leslie

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