Monday, January 4, 2010


There is truly something bittersweet about sorting through and bagging up old clothes for donation. Especially when they are you maternity clothes for the last time.

During my postpartum periods with Kylie and Lizzie both I just boxed up the clothes and put them away. Yes, I kept a good bulk of my maternity clothes after Lizzie, even though Brian got a vasectomy. I just couldn't get rid of them. Guess my subconscious knew something I didn't.

This time, however, I'm certain. It's time to get rid of everything.

I had felt for a long time that I was meant to have three children. After Lizzie, after Brian had his vasectomy, I was crushed. It was like a death to me because I felt like my third child had somehow died, even though of course he hadn't been conceived.

Accidentally getting pregnant with Will cemented for me that I was meant to have three children. But that's it. Three is my limit. And Micah's too.

So these last 6 weeks have sort of been sad while I go through the laundry and find another shirt or pair of pants that won't be used, at least by me anymore. I liked my maternity clothes this time around. I finally had a professional and casual assortment for both work and home that I hadn't had before.

But finally, this part of my life is over. This baby making time. It's time for the baby growing, teenager teaching, Kindergartner playing time and not time for pregnancy time anymore.

I'll admit I'm pretty excited about that actually. Next year it'll be time for Kylie to get her drivers permit. Lizzie will go to first grade in less than a year. And Will, well, he'll be walking or close to it.

So goodbye comfy jeans and favorite green shirt. You'll be missed. But it's time for me to move on. And you too.

Say hello to the Goodwill pick up crew!


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