Friday, December 18, 2009


I find myself in a strange position as it comes to Santa.

First, he wont actually be coming to my house as it's Brian's year with the kids on Christmas Day. Although he will be bringing stocking stuffers I've been told because he loves them. And it's the only way the kids get new socks and underwear in this house. (I kid)

Second, I have three children. One believes in Santa FERVENTLY. The other two, well. One doesn't believe at all but has agreed to keep her mouth shut to help the magic for her sister. Oh, and if we publicly say we don't believe in Santa we don't get Santa gifts. Or stocking stuffers. (Why, yes I did threaten my oldest child. Why do you ask?) The other child, well, he's not invested yet in this Santa business. Really, for him, Santa involved sitting on a strangers lap and listening to Lizzie talk in DETAIL about all the ways Santa watches us and that he better let Mommy sleep at night because waking her up is naughty.

Will did not care about her Santa and his naughty list last night, FYI.

Yesterday I was at the mall 30 minutes from our city shopping and came across a Santa. I thought I would get a quick picture of Will with him. Yeah. Not so much. Apparently at this mall you have to make an appointment and come back. And photo packages start at $20. For 1 5x7.

Back in my day the visit to Santa was all about telling him what you wanted for Christmas and getting a mini-Candy cane. The picture was a $5 Polaroid snapped right before you got off his lap. Now it's about dressing up and packages and all manner of craziness.

I left the mall and drove home. Picked up Ky, got Lizzie out of school early (20 minutes) and we went to the mall in our area. Which I realize is the ghetto mall. The chance of Santa swigging a 40 and the elves wearing booty shorts was high but I chanced it.

No line, no alcohol and no booty shorts, although Santa's elves hate their job and that was obvious.

I am lucky though that to date none of my children have been ridiculously frightened of Santa.

I present to you, our Santa picture for 2009. Not dressed up, not matching and Will is about 4 seconds from blowing out his diaper. Again.


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