Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Granny

Jenny is Micah's only living Grandparent. Will is her first "official" great grandchild. I'm not sure how she feels about Lizzie in terms of family but she really, really loves her and asks about her almost every time I visit and don't bring her.

Jenny loves Will although about 90% of the time she calls him a "she" as in, "Isn't she so precious?" I don't correct her because I don't think it matters.

Today we went to visit her at the nursing home and I got some pretty decent pictures of my iPhone.

I got a lot of pictures that kinda look like this. We keep telling her to look at the camera and instead she keeps looking at the baby. He had been smiling at her and she couldn't get enough of that I guess.

"Why doesn't she have shoes?" she asked
"He keeps kicking them off." I said
She looks at me.
"She had them last time."
As a side note, I love the look on Will's face in that picture.

Why, yes, his hair IS in a mohawk. Why do you ask?

I just love this. I love seeing family and generations.

Jenny practically ripped the baby out of Micah's arms to hold him for this photo. As she was physically grabbing the baby and pulling him out of Micah's arms Micah asked her if she wanted to hold the baby. Her response was "Well if you want me to."


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