Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some more crazy

This current month of pregnancy has found me crying. A lot. We keep track because it's humorous when I'm not actually sobbing and I am fully aware of the crazy that seems to be going on because I will cry at a moments notice. I'm not USUALLY a crier but now I cry at everything. Sunday I couldn't get an application on my iphone to work properly and it reduced me to tears.

Yeah, I know.

I blame Micah.

His mother is a famous crier. She tears up at everything. (HI LESLIE!) I figure he has now put her DNA into my body, hence the crying.

The other day I started crying and Micah asked what was wrong. I told him it was because he didn't want to go to Disney world. But that isn't what started me crying. What started it was my car color.

Because that's how my brain works. My brain went from car color (or something equally odd) to Disney world and it did it within about 30 minutes. Want to see how it went down? (Micah stop reading here, I know you hate this part)

I was thinking about my car color which is bright blue. Reminded me of the car accident I had December 2007 which reminded me of my rental car before I bought this car. I loved that rental. It was a Camry and I wish I had bought a Camry, it was so roomy and comfortable. Which made me think of Christmas because I had to return the car on Christmas Eve and Brian yelled at me because it was a snow storm and I was all panicked because the rental place told me I had to bring it back right away. I think about that last Christmas where we were married and that was kinda a crappy Christmas on so many levels which reminds me of jewelry because that's what I used to get for Christmas even though I don't really wear jewelry. Which reminds me of "pushing presents" which are gifts husbands buy for their wives when they have a baby although I don't actually know anyone whose every gotten such a thing which reminds me that I'm pregnant. That reminds me of the vacation I wont be taking next summer to Ireland or where ever that I wanted to go and plan for and I think about a really great vacation would be Disney world. Except Micah thinks that's the second circle of hell and now we can't got to Disney world.

Yeah, I cried that entire time.

That's how my brain works folks. It takes some getting used to and I SWEAR I do not have ADD.


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