Thursday, June 25, 2009

20 weeks

Today marks the theoretical halfway point in my pregnancy. I don't have any pictures. Sorry. Today is a small belly day for me. 2 days ago though I was rocking the huge belly. That's just how I work I guess.

I say theoretical because anyone who has either had a baby or has had their baby carried by someone else knows that a due date is almost arbitrary in the actual date the little bundle of joy will arrive. In my case I don't even really notice it because I don't believe for one second I will have a baby even near that date.

My first child was 18 days overdue. Yes. 18. And I was induced. I never actually went into labor. I'm fairly certain if I hadn't been induced by the reluctent midwife Kylie would still be in there today. I love her but that child is lazy hates change. She took 18.5 hours to deliver.

My second child was also induced by to be far she was induced a day or so early because her father was leaving town and would be gone for 3 months. He was actually due to be be at location ON her due date so she was forced into this world a couple of days early so he could meet her. Despite the induction and use of pitocin she also took her time and was delivered 13ish hours after drugs began.

The dangerous location he had to be at? San Antonio. I know! Scarier than Iraq.

So I hold no hope whatsoever that this baby will come anywhere NEAR his due date. I full expect to approach Thanksgiving and have pictures of me with a belly as big as a turkey (the poultry). Or Turkey (the country). Whatever.

But yay! 20 weeks! Whoo hoo!



You never fail to make me laugh!

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