Thursday, June 11, 2009

18 weeks pregnant

I'll post a picture later but honestly, there isn't a lot of tummy to see yet.

I've been telling everyone that I'm halfway through my pregnancy today. I realize that is incredibly wishful thinking but it could POSSIBLY be true. Maybe. Okay with me, not likely.

I am however, very close to the midway point here and I'm still a little shocked. We found out 6 weeks ago that we had a little someone on the way. And here I am, pressed up against the wall of almost halfway done.

I have clothing. Well, I have cute stuff. But it's starting to get to me that the nursery isn't even started and the basement to move the youngest child isn't done and we don't HAVE anything for the baby.

I'm stressed because we still don't have a name picked out either. By this point in both of my pregnancies prior I had a name selected so this irriates me to no end. It's small details people, small details.

On the plus side though, I AM feeling movement, more and more. I have energy again, at least occasionally and I don't look like a blimp yet either. I have clothes and more clothes on the way, I'm back to sleeping a little better and food tastes good and sounds good. All of these are positives.

Now if only I could get to painting.


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