Monday, June 1, 2009


Last weekend my ex-husband girlfriend had to put her dog down. He was old (14 human years) and had been suffering from old man syndromes for some time. Last weekend he fell down the stairs at her house and either popped his hip out of place or broke it, I'm unsure.

I'm going to stop here and admit that I don't ALWAYS like my ex-husbands girlfriend. While I an infinitely happier with the man I am with I still tend to feel a little resentful to someone I think of as a husband stealer. BUT, she has a good heart and I liked her before she started sleeping with my ex and she loves my daughters. I occasionally have to remind myself that I don't have to LIKE her but that there is no such thing as too much love for my daughters so I do what I can to be helpful and cordial. She has the girls spend the night one weekend a month while Brian is gone and has penciled events for the girls in such as Lulu's preschool graduation. She also works very hard to follow the parenting rules that Brian and I have set for the girls which I applaud her for.

Anyways, so she had to put her most beloved dog to sleep. I had to explain it to Lulu. I at first just said it in words I knew she would understand, forgetting that the concept can be difficult. Sommer's dog Jake died just doesn't cut it somehow. What is died wasn't hard. But later she asked when he would come back.

Then I decided to have a discussion about Heaven. I know everyone has a different concept of Heaven, based on their faith and belief system. I think my vision of Heaven is probably generic in the sense that it's a happy place free from disease, drama and death. I don't know that I buy that it's on fluffy white clouds and that we all walk around wearing togas and sandals, unless we want to that is, but I digress.

I firmly believe my mother is in Heaven and I believe she watches the goings on of my family. She came to me a in dream a little while after she died and described Heaven to me. Sounded a lot like she was living in a condo in Miami. With only a small office trash can allowed for garbage a week.


So Lulu and I discussed Heaven and what it must be like there. For surely, Jake went to Heaven. He was a good dog who was patient and kind and loyal. He was a peacekeeper and rarely a squirrel chaser. I believe he was worthy of Heaven.

So Heaven, according to Lulu, for Jake, is a very happy place. There is a HUGE yard to run in. And lots of other dogs. Chew toys and raw hides as far as the eye can see. He doesn't get in trouble for chasing the rabbits and he never catches them anyways. (Remember, no death in Heaven) There are people there to rub his belly whenever he wants and to play fetch and catch. They throw sticks as long as he wants. His bed is soft and fluffy and he watches Sommer every day.

After this long talk I think she got it. And the concept of Heaven.

When she came home from Sommer's she promptly informed me that Leo the fish is also with Jake in Heaven. Apparently Brian's fish died last week. I wonder if chasing rabbits will be up to Leo's liking as well.


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