Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conversations with Micah

Via text on the iphones:

M: What project sounds best? Thermostat, dirt to fill in holes in yard, bins for craft stuff to work on guest room, screens and door for gazebo. I'd say screens for house but not sure if I'd f*ck it up.
M: Or something else.
L: Screens, honest to God. But do we really need a door for the gazebo? Really? Second is guest room.
M: Screens and no door doesn't keep out mosquito's?
L:I thought screens for house. My bad. Guest room.
M: *Blah blah blah screen door for gazebo*
L: We still need to move Kylie.
M: k craft stuff it is.
L: What are you doing?
M: Get lil more storage stuff for craft stuff and start getting it out of room.
M: Ohhh excuse to go to container store rather than wallmart. haha (He's totally serious. He loves the Container Store)
M: *blah blah blah iphone software*
L: Go pick up Lizzie.
M: left carseat so I can pick up stuff. Sowiee.
L: It's okay. I guess.
M: Am doing things....for baby.
L: Yeah yeah yeah, me too. Like supplying blood and oxygen.
M: you'd be doing that anyways. I'm going out of my way here.
L: Not the good blood. I go out of my way to give him the good blood.
M: Sexy when you make the good blood.

Yeah I know. We're freaks.


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