Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why is it only Thursday?

The baby is sick. Like really sick.

Sunday night he didn't sleep great. I called in late to work.

Monday night he barely slept and was hot. I called in sick.
Tuesday I took him to the Dr who told me the breathing treatments we had been giving him were doing nothing for him (as evidenced by a pulse ox thingamajig) and that he had Bronchialitis and it just needed to run it's course. But if he puked or his eating changed to call.

Tuesday night he was crying, refusing to eat and then, at 3am Wednesday morning, he puked. Everywhere. About half of what he had eaten that day. On me.

The call to the Dr resulted in being told to give him pedilyte and let it's run it's course.

Wednesday my mother in law was gracious enough to stay home with the baby and Micah so I could make the attempt at keeping my job. Layoffs are everywhere and the last thing I need to be out all the time.

Wednesday he fussed all day long and couldn't/wouldn't sleep. When I got home he had dark circles under his eyes and had maybe eaten 8 ounces of formula all day.

He proceeded up cry and not rest until about 2 or 3 Thursday morning at which time he fell into a sound sleep.

I called in sick today. I'm exhausted. I haven't slept well in 4 days.

And while he looks slightly better he's still wheezing, struggling to breath and fussy.

Pray that he at least gets a little more sleep.



I'll be praying his mama gets some sleep too! It's tough on a parent when a child, especially a baby, is that sick.

Last time one of my kids vomited all over me, my other kid said, "Well, good thing you're washable, Mama." I laughed at that later (much later).


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