Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quilt from Italty

My best friend is named Erin. I probably talk to her on AVERAGE once every 2-3 months and I can't remember the last time I spoke to her on the phone. But I know it was when I had a landline and that's been gone for awhile now.

She and I met in Tucson when we each lived in one side of a connected duplex. She is awesome. I told her that if her husband died I would welcome her to be my sister wife.

The offer still stands.

I lived with her for a couple of months before we moved her because she was pregnant with her first child and her husband was deployed. She held my left leg when I delivered Lizzie.

She also took Lizzie's first pictures moments after birth as well as professionally when she was 8 days old.

I really, really, really miss Erin.

She and her husband and their two kids currently live in Italy on a military tour and I am insanely jealous.

She also has a William which shows her obvious good taste.

She is possibly the most creative person I know and she quilts. I adore Erin's artwork.

She made Kylie a quilt to her specifications when Kylie was 9. It's black and green and Kylie still sleeps with it.

She made Lizzie a quilt right when she was born that is the most beautiful blue and yellow and totally matched the duck theme I had going on at the time.

Today I received her quilt for Will. I honestly wasn't expecting a quilt because usually Erin's process is to know the child a little bit before quilting for them and she's never met my Will.

I think she nailed it though anyway.

It's called the Bear Claw and it's a little bigger than a crib quilt.

A little too close Mom......

Plenty of room to roll around on.

Both of my boys liked the quilt. This was taken a split second before one of them tried to shove a corner in his mouth. I'll leave you to guess which one.


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