Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So my little container garden has started producing some kinds of food which is exciting for me. Exciting but not exactly filling.

You've already seen the first strawberries that we had.

Now behold, my first sugar snap pea.

For some idea of the actual size of this pea:

I ate it. I didn't even wash it. And it was sweet and tasty and I savored all 3 bites of that thing.

Luckily it appears my sugar snap peas have more pods growing on them so hopefully that's not the only pea I'll get for the year.

Also, this weekend Lizzie and I harvested these beauties:

Lizzie ate them all with no regard to me or my feelings.* She said they were breakfast. Meanie.

The onions continue to appear to do well, the radishes are poking up and I recently planted some tomato plants. The one I put in the Topsy Turvy is not doing well but the others seem to be doing great. I'll have to fix that Topsy Turvy thing this weekend, I think it's lacking enough sunlight.

The next several months promise to be full of warm days and not so chilly nights so hopefully my plants will continue to thrive and I might actually see a carrot or cucumber some day.

* Totally not true, she offered me one. The smallest, most deformed looking one, but she did offer it. When I declined there was no looking back though, she shoved that thing in her mouth faster than I've ever seen her eat anything.



You are making me hungry. And tempting me to try to add gardening to my list of daily to-dos. I just wish it wasn't near 90 out today!

Great job with the harvest so far, and great job keeping us posted!

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