Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear William (6 month addition)

Dear William,

How can you be 6 months old already? Weren't you born just yesterday?

I love seeing how big you've gotten and already feel a sense of sadness that I can no longer remember you as a teeny-tiny newborn. You are certainly a "big boy" now with your fat thighs and chubby fingers and while I love to kiss each and every roll on you I am a little sad for the scrawny chicken legs of 6 months ago. Where did the time go?

While you have occasionally rolled over from time to time (most notably at your 4 month check up) it wasn't until this week that you really started rolling on purpose. I love the surprise of laying you on your back, only to see you on your tummy 4 seconds later. You seem pretty proud of yourself.

You are officially in your crib now to sleep for naps and at night. You seem to relish all the room you have an I constantly wake up with you having done a 180 in the middle of the night. But still sucking your thumb.

You are outgrowing your "baby" items by leaps and bounds. After finding you like this the other day I realized you are probably pretty much done with your swing.

This morning you woke yourself up by rolling over in the middle of the night and wound up on your stomach. You've never slept on your stomach and this morning you seemed so confused as to how you wound up on your tummy. I heard you in the crib, you're little starfish hand opening and closing against the mattress and every so often I would hear your head drop down. You were tired but you didn't fuss or even make a vocal noise. When I got up to help you I could see the confusion in your face. How did you get on your tummy and how did I know to come help?

Get used to hearing this now: Mom's know everything. My mother told it to me, your sisters have already accepted it and now you too will learn. I know everything about everything. You needed help this morning so I helped you. And fed you 8 ounces of warm milk. I am awesome like that.

You have started sucking on your toe lately which I find ridiculous because I can see that the effort of getting your hamhock thigh over your belly and that toe into your mouth takes quite a bit of effort and yet, you continue to attempt it every time your diaper is changed.

Your personality is really starting to show and while you can still get quite pensive and serious you more often than not have a happy, toothless smile on your face. When you see anyone you tend to have a smile for them although your favorite people seem to be your daddy, the dogs, your great-grandma and your grandma.

This month you discovered your love for peas. The moment I put them in your mouth a big smile erupted all over your face and you could not get enough. If you have the coordination I think you would have licked the bowl clean of them. As it was you used two spoons to eat them as the single spoon method did not seem fast enough.

You love to put things in your mouth and are by far my most oral baby. You will put every.single.thing in your mouth. I don't mind when its appropriate, like toys, spoons or even people from time to time but you need to learn quickly that the dog, the cat and my shoes are not appropriate items. Especially the cat. I know where he's been.

You continue to suck your thumb at night and during the day some and I find it adorable. I'm sure I'll hate it when it comes time for you to stop but for right now it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've been a mom three times, I know cute.

I love you buddy. You and your Cookie Monster.


PS: When do you think teeth will be showing up? Just so I can prepare....


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