Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a Vegetablepalooza

I have been awful about updating on my garden. My indoor vegetable garden that is since it's still not warm enough to plant outside. As you may remember, last time I updated my garden was small. Things have happily changed since then.

This is my radish. Or radish's. This was actually an accident. I had an extra 12 in terra cotta pot lying around and thought I would throw some flower seeds that I got in a seed exchange in and see what happened. I was not paying close enough attention and suddenly, I realize I had thrown in a handful or radish seeds.

If you ever want to plant something that will sprout quickly, radish seeds are the way to go. These literally sprouted within 2 days. I don't even like radishes.

Remember Pretty Pea? She's a little larger now.
I put a plastic fork and half a chop stick in last week to help stabilize her but she seems to have figured out something better and is actually hanging on to the top shelf of my window.

Her sisters, Sweet Pea and Mylie P (After my niece Paloma and her brother Myles) have also sprouted and seem to be doing well.
You may see a cuke behind those two, it's doing well as well but it's stem is fatter and it isn't as tall. Thank goodness.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to my pepper pots. As you may recall, they were quite barren before. Well look at them now!

We started naming them but ran out of name ideas as more and more of them sprouted. Apparently I was a little heavy handed with the seeds for the jalapeno plants.

Also, after the last time I updated, I also planted white onions, cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes. Those are growing on the top shelf right now and are doing well.

Here is the image that greets me every time I walk into my kitchen. I honestly, can not wait to get home each night and water my little garden while Will watches and supports me from his Bumbo seat.

More plans include carrots, chives, oregano, assorted other herbs and possibly some lettuce. Oh and green peppers. All in containers since the dogs will probably destroy anything I plant in the yard. We have begun gathering containers and so far I have 2 whiskey barrels and 2 huge planters. I buy them when I find them cheap so I have time to hunt since we have another month until I can safely move them outside.



Wow, what a gardener! Your Grandpa Doyle would be proud. He was excited every spring to start his little plants inside - mainly tomatoes. He usually used bottoms of milk cartons for the planters. They would be in the window sills all over the house.
Love, Aunt Connie


How terrific, Lacy. I think plants around make the air smell so much fresher. We started our seeds here after being inspired by you. We have baby tomatoes and sunflowers. We also planted cherry tomatoes and other flowers, but so far nothing in those. They got a little, ahem, loved on by my little ones, so I'm not sure they'll come up at all. Live and learn!

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