Monday, April 19, 2010

Best Kept Secret


That was me exhaling. Because I had to keep a secret for a VERY long time and it was killing me.
Not that I cant keep a secret, I totally can, that's why I do well in HR. But it's a secret that I know I'll eventually be able to tell that gets to me every time.

Back earlier this year/end o' last year, I had this BRILLIANT idea to get pictures of all of the grandkids taken for my In laws as a surprise. Their birthdays are 10 days apart and I thought it would be a great birthday gift for them.

I enlisted my sister in law Melissa and we schemed and planned. We color coordinated (sort of) and one Saturday we sucked it up, got brave and went to the JC Penny's at the mall by my house. With 5 kids.

We purchased the CD and then had to get together to decide what to print and in what sizes.

And let me tell you, every time we planned to get together it seemed my Mother In Law was nearby. I had to become super stealthy.

One Saturday Leslie (my mother in law) came over to help me clean Ky's room. Except I needed to meet Mel at her place at 11 to pick the pictures.

Another Saturday Mel and I were supposed to get together to pick the frames. Leslie came over to help with yard work and to come visit Grandma Jenny. I told her I was going to a kids soccer game (which I was, I was just going shopping with Mel afterwards.) Leslie seemed really sad that she hadn't been invited to the game.

Saturday we had Earth Day Craft Day and a joint birthday party for Leslie and Rex and we presented them with pictures of the grandchildren.

Here is the picture Leslie and Rex first saw:

I love this picture. It's correct anyway you turn it too because someone is always "correct".

Here at some of the others:

Myles and Paloma, sharing a sibling hug.

The kids.
More of the kids. Girls on one side, boys on the other.

More kids. I love that picture.

If you look closely you will notice that Paloma is holding the Will's foot. I crack up everytime I see it.

Will at 3 months old. Blue is a great color on him.

Myles aka Mr. GQ. This was the first and last picture the photographer had to take of him, THAT'S how good he was.

Paloma. Stunning.

Can I just stop a moment and point out that Melissa and Matt make supermodel children? Because they do. I know they aren't planning on more but if they were that would a service to the world.

Just sayin'.

Lizzie Lu. The cheese is strong with this one.

I love the look on Will's face in this picture. He looks SO grossed out. And yes, Lizzie really is kissing him.

I like this picture. Despite the fact that she changed into a black shirt.

Oh.My.Goodness. WHO IS THAT? Because that can not by my 14 year old daughter. NOOOOO!

And my favorite picture of all time:

Happy Birthday Leslie and Rex. This is what you've spawned. Be proud.



Great pictures!
Love, Aunt Connie


Hahaha the silly pic is my fav
says the guy that was choking Mel
in the ONLY Christmas pic that came out well


The pictures are amazing! I can't believe you guys were able to keep such a big secret. The only thing missing is Shorty... He has a lovely blue sweater and would have fit right in!

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