Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blessed Monday

Every other Monday I lay my head on my pillow and fall into an exhausted sleep. It seems like every other Monday Micah needs to hold me for at least 5 minutes and tell me everything is okay and it's going to be okay.

Because every other Monday my kids have had their first full day back at "home" and they are desperate for Mommy Time.

Every other Monday I have to make an effort to cook a meal instead of just relying on Micah and I to figure it out for ourselves.

Every other Monday is the Monday before Friday payday and we're broke. And out of "edible" food according to Kylie.

Every other Monday is the Monday after employees have submitted or forgotten to submit their time sheets and they call in panicked that they wont get paid.

Every other Monday is the Monday before severance payments and people who have been laid off call to find out if they will be getting their checks.

Every other Monday follows a weekend where we were so busy we didn't stop moving for 10 minutes because we didn't have the other 2 kids so we were trying to get all our weekend "errands" completed.

Every other Monday my kids want one on one time with me. They want my full attention, they want to show me their "skills" of bike riding or retainer wearing or poem practice or comfort nursing (that last one is just William). And they want to have my attention without any other kids being present.

Every other Monday my life becomes loud and noisy and restless and busy and crazy and hectic and stressful.

But every other Monday my life feels more full, more blessed, more complete.


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