Thursday, April 8, 2010

I owe you all

Alternatively titled: Grandma's birthday

Sorry posts have been light this week, Micah was sick, I was sick etc.

We celebrated Grandma Jenny's birthday on Sunday, which was Easter, and I can not thank you all enough who sent cards and prayers and helped with the party and especially Leslie and Melissa to help with the whole thing.

First: Here are 2 pictures of Grandma in her hat like I promised. Sorry, I ate your cake though.

The crown hat is actually Melissa's. Their kids wear it on their birthdays and she brought it in case my hat sucked. While my hat didn't suck it certainly didn't have the impact that the crown did.

Micah says there is a special place in hell for taking a picture of her in the hat and posting it on the internet. I hope he's wrong. Or that my good deeds for the day wash the hat thing out.

I picked Jenny up from the nursing home around 11:30am and she could not move fast enough to get out of there. As we were leaving I assured her that she would not be back until after dinner and she was thrilled. Her days seem long there sometimes and the party certainly helped break up the day to day for her.

I'll post Easter pictures later but we did have a massive Easter Egg hunt thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and the kids loved it.

To Eric and Elisa, thank you for the three separate cards. Jenny enjoyed opening them and while she didn't know you she played it off REALLY well. She opened Joshy's picture first and smiled and asked "Now how old is he again?" I told her 6. I hope that's right, sorry if it's not but I seem to remember him being a year older than Lizzie.

She planned to hang the kids pictures up in her room at the nursing home and she loved your card as well.

To Aunty Connie and Uncle John, thank you as well. She really loved your card and cried opening it.

To Mia, sorry, she didn't have a clue who you were and my explanation that you two were church buddies did not fly.

Mel, Leslie and I signed cards to her from people who weren't there and we all had gifts for her that she loved. Jewelry, trinkets and shoes, she loved it all.

Leslie served dinner and provided the cake and the kids got to help blow out the candles.

Grandma insisted on getting a picture with everyone and getting everyone's names. Mel's friend Andy took the pictures for us and we even managed to sneak his wife Amy into one of the pictures with us.
I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful Colorado family to make Jenny's birthday so wonderful.

I normally try to be really positive on this blog but for a second I do just wanna complain about something.

We put the word out a month in advance about the party. We called people. We reminded people. And yet, when it came down to it, NOT ONE of her own family or old friends came to the party. Not one of them sent a card or called. The last time she talked to her own son it was when he called the nursing home to tell her he needed money to come see her because she was so far away. (Or at least that's what we've been told. For the record he lives 30 minutes away.)

Jenny may be rough around the edges and I know her memory is crap but she knows the important people. Andy, my brother in law, was the only out of town person to call and talk to her. None of her sisters, nieces or anyone else even bothered to send a card and that makes me a little angry. Wait, a niece did send a card. One. My own family, literal strangers to her, sent cards. People from as far away as Pennsylvania and Ohio sent cards. But friends she used to have lunch with on a weekly basis didn't bother to send a card.

Okay. That's out of my system now. Sorry. I just needed to say it.

I'll leave you all with this. Thank you again, everyone who made is such a success.



Thanks for the party update and posting all the photos. Of course, my little ones were so excited to see their own pictures being opened. In fact, so much so that Mari has already prepared another "letter" for Grandma Jenny. And you were right on about Joshy-he's six! Funny, I only remember Lizzie's age by remembering she's a year younger than Joshy, almost exactly.

Grandma Jenny is sure blessed to have you in her life. May you be as well cared for throughout your life as you have cared for others!

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