Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little bit about Micah

Update: Per the questions asked - Micah, as I said, has three tattoos. One is of Taz (from Looney Toons fame) in Army camo with a gun. It's on his right shoulder. On his left shoulder is a scary looking lizard and on his left chest are some Japanese symbols that are supposed to mean Kamikaze. (I think fierce wind?) Anyways, yes, he did get them while in the Army. Can you tell?

I'm sure he has family in Spain but doesn't actually know any of them.

He says he will share his guacamole making expertise, as it were, but that he's a little nervous about how many avocado's he'll need for a family our size.

Yesterday I received a comment from Elisa asking about Micah and I realized that while several of my family members read this site they haven't necessarily met my husband. In fact, the only family members to have met him DON'T read this site, I believe.

I also know Micah's family reads this site. This is stuff you probably already know about him.

Micah is the oldest child in his family and is 34. He has 1 "full" brother, 1 step brother, and 3 step sisters. Except he doesn't categorize like that and just refers to them all as brothers or sisters. His brother Andy lives in GA with his wife Sara but the rest all live in Colorado with their families.

Micah's birthday is October 20th. He's a Libra, just like my 2 daughters. I'm surrounded, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Micah has a BA in IT (I think that's the name of the degree). Before that he served in the US Army and worked on tanks. Manly tanks. In Bosnia and Germany. (I think)

Micah monitors oil well data for a well known company that deals with that sort of thing. He's worked there for 6 years and enjoys the job.

For hobbies Micah enjoys rearranging all the cabling in my house. And your house. And everyone's house. First time he came over to my house he remarked about the cables. Then offered to rewire my entire entertainment system. What a sweet talker.

Micah makes killer enchilada's. And chicken parmesan. I'm a big fan of his guacamole which he made for me last night.

He is very close to his paternal grandmother and visits her 5-6 times a week while she's in the rehab facility. He called and visited at least once a week prior to that.

Micah has 3 tattoos, one on each arm and one of his chest. He has no plans to get anymore.

His ethnicity is Hispanic (like from Spain), Scottish and probably some Irish in there. There are probably some dribs and drabs in there from some heritage we don't know but that's the bulk of it.

His full name is Micah Jeremiah. When we first were discussing baby names Jeremiah was our number one pick. We changed it to William later. Raul is his paternal grandfather's name and so that is the middle name for our baby.

Micah does not watch sports or enjoy hunting or fishing. I know the majority of my family just shook their heads but think of me and you'll know why this is perfectly acceptable.

During Easter we traveled to my Aunt Linda's house 6 hours away from where we live. He traveled with me (who was pregnant at the time but didn't know it), a cranky teenager and a preschooler in a small car and still wanted to married me. Oh and kicked butt during Phase 10.

Our first date with my kids he let them pick the restaurant to meet at. Lulu wouldn't talk to him for almost 20 minutes. Then she wouldn't shut up. She calls him both Micah and Dad interchangeably.

She called his Mom Grandma the first time she met her, even though I had "prepped" her to call her Leslie. She's never looked back.

I can't really think of anything else. If you have specific questions I haven't answered please be sure to ask in the comments and I can edit this post.



Hey Lace,
I love when you give me a shout out on your blog. It makes me feel like we're really talking. Aahhh...

So yes I have more questions! Tattoos? What are they of?

Does Micah still have any family in Spain?

We can overlook the sports/hunting/fishing thing in leiu of the fact he plays game (at least Phase 10). And that he loves you well.

One last question...we would like to know if he will share his guacomole expertise with the extended family at our next gathering.

If I think of anymore, I'll let you know.

Happy one-month-till-your-birthday, Micah!

P.S. My b-day is Oct 23. You ARE surrounded!

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