Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Lizzie Lou!

*Yes, I'm late with the birthday post. I was busy Saturday, sorry.*

Happy Birthday Lizzie Lou Who!

I asked you Saturday if you were sure you were 5. Because it seems like just yesterday you were still inside me. You of course assured me you were 5 and but also that time has gone by fast. The problem sometimes is that you are so small and petite that it's easy to forget you are actually 5 and in Kindergarten and not still toddling around in diapers.

You are my mellow (so far) child. You just seem to allow life to trickle over you like a water and tend to very rarely get upset about anything. You go to bed with no problems and can generally be made to at least try anything on your plate with no fuss.

You are eager to please and make friends where ever you go. I was concerned when you started Kindergarten that you would feel left out as you hadn't attended Pre-school there but you seemed to blossom. When I asked you how many classmates you wanted to invite to your birthday party you eagerly told me 15 and then named them all off. You are so quick to welcome strangers into your life with instant love that sometimes I worry. You are also easy to bruise when kids tell you that they aren't your friend anymore and you cry when that happens. I alternate between wanting you to develop a thicker skin and not because I worry that your eagerness to love might somehow diminish if I did that.

You are my helper child. If I am doing any activity you are quick to step up and offer to help. You recently "helped" me mop the kitchen floor which actually led to a much dirty floor than when we started out but again, I'm not in a hurry to tell you to stop. You have been setting the table since you were at least 2.5 years old and occasionally help me make my bed in the morning. You still struggle with picking up all your toys by yourself but if an adult offers to help YOU then you're eager to get that done as well.

You're best gift for your birthday this year was your bicycle. You embraced the change and couldn't wait to hop on it Friday morning at 6:15am.

You are my brave child. You cant wait to try new things and rarely do you get scared or say no to something. At your birthday party you had no fear of the hissing cockroach and petting it. Jumping on your new bike, walking into a new classroom or meeting new people, nothing seems to frighten you.

You are also certainly a dog person although you love all animals. Our two dogs Tasha and Molly adore you and while that occasionally frustrates you as they are about your size when they are on all 4's you also love them and are so incredibly gentle. You and Tasha seem to have a connection that I can't quite explain. You love all dogs though and have embraced your Dad's dogs, strange dogs next door and the little baby puppies the neighbors have. You love our cat and adore stroking and petting him but dogs seem to hold your attention longer and you are more excited when you see them than the cat or any other pet.

You started Kindergarten this year and are so in love with your class, your school and your teacher. Mrs. Brunning is your favorite adult I believe and you participate in your classroom whenever possible. You have embraced buying lunch at school and overall have thrived and blossomed. You are always excited for Monday mornings but then, you seem excited for every new day, every morning.

You are very much into your art right now and enjoy painting, drawing and anything artistic. I love watching you as you explore color and shape and work so hard on creating SOMETHING. Right now your art is very abstract with the exception of shapes but you love telling me the story of your abstract item when you create it.

As I get closer to bringing your baby brother into this world you are increasingly excited about him as well. Today when I dropped you off at the babysitters you gave me a kiss and then told me you needed to give a kiss to the baby. And then kissed my belly. You do not seem to have any apprehension about him coming into our world and have already offered to share your bed with him as well as your bathtime and have offered to change diapers and hold him. You talk to him in my belly and constantly choose one of your many animals or dolls to play the roll of baby brother so you can put him in the bassinet in my room and rock him. You are aware that you wont be able to feed him anytime soon but seem to accept that in stride as one of the few things Mommy will have to do and instead offer to share your cups and books with him as well.

Happy Birthday my sweet princess. Thank you for reminding me what the magic of children is really all about over and over again and thank you for being my sweetie.



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