Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I often find myself assuming that my youngest daughter is still just a tiny baby and don't recognize that she is growing up and is spreading her wings.

For at least 3 years now I have volunteered for the PTO to sit at our table during Skate City nights and check in the kids who come through the door. It's not tough. But I've always had to take Lulu. My ex felt like if I was choosing to spend an evening away from home then I should be taking the child too so he could relax. So for years she's always just come and hung out playing in the arcade area or running around and annoying the other kids.

This year is different though. This year she's 4, almost 5. She's in Kindergarten. This school is her school. This year, she wanted to skate.

Now at first I ignored her. I told her to play in the arcade. I can't get out on the floor at 8 months pregnant and carry her or help her around the rink. My wise friend Cammie though, who brought her 4 year old, secretly snuck away from the PTO table when I was distracted and put skates on both children. I turned around and suddenly my baby is ready to get out on the floor and skate.

I warned her I couldn't help her. If she went out there she was all alone. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "That's okay".

I told her she would probably fall down. On her butt and knees. She shrugged again and said, "I can just get back up, right?". I told her yes she should do that. With that, she was gone.

These pictures were taken with an iphone. I didn't bring my camera because honestly, she was supposed to be having supper with her Dad last night. I didn't even expect her to be there.

Ready to skate.

With friends Evan and Tori.

Holding on to the wall like I told her too.

Skating in the middle. Decidedly NOT what I was expecting her to do at all.


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