Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We be rolling

When I was pregnant with Ky I think I felt her move when I was somewhere between 20-22 weeks pregnant. I don't actually remember with Lulu but I remember it being slightly earlier than that. Maybe 18 weeks? So I assumed that with this pregnancy it would be the same thing. I'd probably feel the baby around week 18 or so.

But last weekend (Sunday maybe?) I felt a poke on my left lower "area". It happened twice and it was very distinct. I slow, deliberate poke out and then in. Like someone testing the waters at the pool with their toe. That was pretty cool considering we believe me to be only about 14 weeks pregnant at that point. After not getting anything else for a few days I assumed that the alien in my belly (okay, I call it Nacho) was done with the "expermental phase" it was going through when it attempted the poke.

Micah's mom called me last night and one of her questions was if I could feel the baby moving anymore. I said no. Truthfully I hadn't.

But last night I was laying on the couch watching some DVR'd National Geographic Channel special about some crazy messiah who likes to touch young girls an I felt my belly wiggle. I held still and felt it again. Like someone was doing a body wiggle. It went on for about 10 minutes and it was truly magical because a)I'm not yet 15 weeks pregnant and b)it wasn't gas.

If you have gas that makes you think something in your body is dancing to an bad '70's disco era classic via internal AM radio, well, that's some bad gas. Make plans for the bathroom for the rest of the night.


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