Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Monster that ate, well, everything

So this the first of many posts detailing the ways that this pregnancy is "different" for me. I'm hungry. All.the.time. I am hungry in my sleep. My dreams now revolve around eating SOMETHING and birds chirping. I am hungry immediately after I've eaten. I'm hungry at 9am, 10am, 10:30am, 11:45am etc.

I swear the dogs are afraid to sleep with me because the danger of my appetite. My own children are looking at me trying to size up whether I have that look of hunger in my eyes and if they want to take the chance of me gobbling them whole.

It's not a hunger that is something along of the lines of "oh maybe I could eat". It's a sudden overwhelming feeling that if I don't consume 1500 calories RIGHT NOW, the world will come to an end. Surely, if I don't consume the baby will starve to death. Which, if you know me, know that this is HIGHLY unlikely given the reserves I already have on hand for this baby.

Poor Micah, tries to assist me, tries to keep me stable and fed in a timely manner. It has got to be tough though when he asks what I want and I look at him and say "Nothing sounds good. But I'm hungry. Feed me." Talk about no help.

Maybe I should request some kind of IV for feeding so I can just walk around all day with my bag of nutrients. Think that would tip everyone off that something was "wrong" with me?


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