Monday, July 26, 2010

Pool Days

I never feel like I've had a "real" summer unless I've gotten sunburned. If you've ever seen my skin then you know that the term "fishbelly white" is a real color on human beings and I possess it. All over my body.

Being sunburned sucks is not fun but as long as I enjoyed the WAY I got sunburned then it's a good memory.

Also, I've been sunburned so many times that I don't really feel the pain anymore. I think the sun has burned out the nerves over most of my body. That or childbirth really puts pain into perspective.

Sunday Lizzie and I headed over to my sister in law Mel's house to enjoy some pool time in their complex. Mel was throwing a laid back pool birthday party for one of her friends and we got to enjoying knowing people who know people who have a pool key.

I had sunblock SPF 70 which was not nearly strong enough. Lizzie and Will got a mix of SPF 70 and SPF 100. Will seems to have a slight sunburn on one side of his face but otherwise they seem okay.

Lizzie and cousins Paloma and Myles enjoyed splashing and swimming. Lizzie insisted she wanted swimming lessons afterwards because she's not a very strong swimmer yet.

This is the group of kids. Plenty of friends to play with.

Will and I did a lot of swimming around. He got his face wet a couple of times and did NOT like it. He did however, enjoy kicking his feet and paddling around with me holding him.

After awhile though he ended up like this:

While not officially asleep he was sure hinting pretty hard that he would like to be.

So we got out and I dried him off and laid him in his stroller with his bottle.

After a few minutes of some intimate time with the bottle he ended up like this:

Which was fine because on the way home both he and Lizzie ended up like this:

I love summer pool exhausted babies. And big sisters.


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