Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8 months

Dear William,

8 months already? How is that even possible? I was looking at pictures the other night with your Dad and you were a tiny little baby with enough hair to be dangerous. Now you're a big boy pulling yourself around the house on your belly like a Combat Carl from Toy Story 1.

You're personality has really started emerging and you have begun laughing and being ticklish and earnest. I adore tickling you with your Moo Cow and listening to you just let out your Baby Belly Laughs. That is my crack and I live for it.

You are mobile enough to be dangerous and we need to baby proof the house. It's hard because I kinda like the house with it's accessible electronics and occasional crap on the floor like pennies etc. You've gone and blow that all to hell though and now we have to clean the house if we want to put you on the floor. More often than not I just put you in your high chair but I feel guilty about it all the time.

You also have really embraced sleeping on your belly this month which I find adorable. No matter what position I put you in you end up on your belly with your little legs under you and your butt in the air. It makes me want to kiss you and wake you up with my besos.

Your sisters are with us this week and you seem to really like them as well, especially Lizzie who insists she is your twin, not big sister. You have forgiven her it seems for dressing you up as the Prince to her Princess.

She has been a big helper and you and she played mostly quietly in her room the other day while I worked on dinner. Or was it laundry. In either case I wish I had gotten a picture of you attempting to eat her My Little Pony while she played with the other 50 and castle. I'm sure your father appreciates that I did not.

You continue to be an eager consumer of all things edible (and not so edible) and your routine is firmly established. You MUST eat your dinner of baby food between 5:30-6:15pm or you get EXTREMELY grumpy and there is no dealing with you anymore.

I left you with your Grandma and Grandpa for the first time since you were born this month. I cried when you went while you seemed pretty nonplussed about it. Your Grandma said you seemed a little confused every morning when you woke up and she was there and I was not but I suspect she was humoring me. You are far younger than any of my other babies when I left them for the first time but you seemed better able to handle it than they did.

Perhaps I just have less Mommy guilt about my third baby staying overnight with Grandma than I did back then. It's hard to say.

8 months has gone to fast. I miss your little-ness and soft baby smell. There is no denying you are officially a little boy with your penchant for mischief and all things electronic. I love when you talk to me and we have excellent conversations in the car while listening to NPR and wouldn't trade that tiny baby for my big boy now but I sure do miss it sometimes.



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