Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I wont be able to write this tomorrow because we will be on our honeymoon. I realize that must sound odd since we got married a year ago tomorrow but I was all pregnant and freaking out constantly about money and we had the girls full time and blah blah blah, we never took a honey moon.

So about a month ago, maybe a month and a half we decided to go to Alaska for our honeymoon.

Internet, if you are thinking about going by my house to rob it be warned. I have booby traps set up. And a killer cat. And rabid attack guard dogs. And someone checking on the house everyday. And an ex husband who needs extra cash and is willing to kill for it.

Just sayin'. Don't try to go by my house and steal stuff.

Micah and I will be flying tonight to the state of my birth. I'm excited to show him ME and where I CAME FROM and where I went to school and tell stories (because I am AWESOME at story telling, as you all know) and just being with my husband in general.

On the flip side, this is the first time I will be away from the boy since he was born. Ever. I feel physically ill just typing that. I was exhausted last night and yet I still picked him up and rocked him for as long as he would let me looking at his face and telling him to stay small for me. No growing.

I also left strict instructions with my mother in law, who will be caring for him while I'm out.

Do not put him on his belly. Or back. Because he will flip over onto his belly. And from his belly he has figured out how to get his knees under him. It's only a matter of time until he will figure out how to go forward. So no crawling until I get back.

She has informed me that she will follow my instructions to the letter. OR, in the worst case scenario (read: most likely scenario) she just wont tell me and when we get home and he starts crawling all around the house she'll act shocked and say he never did anything of the sort at her house.

I love a mother in law who will lie to me.

Also, Happy Anniversary Micah.

When I was married the first time I swore I would never get married again because the first year of marriage with Brian was so heinous I wanted to kill him. The entire year. And into the second some.

Thanks for showing me that not all first years of marriage suck.

You're awesome.



Elizabeth @claritychaos

You are super funny. I love this and I'm glad you linked it. (I love funny people.)

Happy anniversary to you! And good luck being away from the babe. He'll totally stay small. Babies don't grow when their mamas go away. It's a rule.

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