Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garden photography

The cucumbers and tomatoes continue to grown and now summer seems in full affect. I love coming home from a mediocre day at work and watering my plants, especially my tomatoes. I'm not sure what it is but something about them, warm in the sun, when I'm watering.....they just SMELL tomatoey but in an earthy way. I can tell you one thing, I don't ever smell that smell at the grocery store.

Of course, when I buy tomatoes at the grocery store it is strictly for guacamole purposes.

Here are some photo's I took of our growing bounty last week. I was originally trying to take photos of a spider that was hanging out on the cucumber plants but that didn't plan out so instead, I took pictures of the vegetables. And the flowers. Don't want to forget those.

These photos give you an idea of how out of control my cucumbers and tomatoes have gotten. Please try and remember, in that cucumber pot are supposed to be radishes and onions although at this rate I can't really seem to find either.

I adore this pictures of the baby cucumber and the flower. It's amazing blown up and I'm seriously considering framing it to hang in the kitchen.

I love these pictures of the tomatoes too. I feel like we could just do wall art in the kitchen and dining room of my vegetables.

See what I mean?

I love this picture too. I have some flowers hanging in the back yard, next to my topsy turvy tomato planter to encourage bees to come and pollinate. In the heat though they seem to be struggling but this little flower had it's face turned directly to as if to say "Bring it on!".

I love summer. And my tiny container garden.

And shy cucumbers who hide behind giant leaves in the sun.



I think you should do kitchen picture of your various vegies. I know Walmart has a nice frame for four different pictures - I have one in my kitchen with apples, wild grapes, etc.
I love your pictures of the "baby" vegies. I think I will go out to my garden and try to take a few pictures.
Love, Aunt Connie

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