Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A few Alaska pictures

I have some better ones at home waiting to be posted. Maybe I'll get those up tonight. Maybe I'll eat Carmel filled chocolate chip cookies instead. It's a crap shoot.

By better I mean pictures of me and Micah (okay mostly just me) acting silly on our vacation because while I love the pictures of us standing in front of the glacier or in front of the ocean or in front of whatever I especially love the pictures of me being goofy while on vacation. I love that Micah loves them and loves to take them.

I have enough self confidence to be okay with goofy pictures and posting them on the internet.

BUT. Those pictures have to wait.

Instead let me show you Micah and Lacy at Beluga Point on our drive to Seward Alaska.

Also just me standing on a large rock at Beluga Point:

Behind me is Hope, Alaska. Population - not much.

Here is a picture of Micah and I in front of Matanuska Glacier. We were supposed to land on Ruth Glacier after a flight from Talkeetna to see Denali. That, however, was a failure and we did not get to fly or see the glacier. So instead we drove to Matanuska Glacier which is the opposite direction entirely. We paid an exorbitant amount of money and we got to climb all over the Glacier to our hearts content.

We did manage to enjoy our time in Seward and we visited the Sealife Center including a behind the scenes Marine Mammal Tour. This tour was so cool because we got to get up close with some Harbor Seals and a Stellar Sea lion named Sugar. I even got to feed the Harbor Seal Tik aka Tikani.

We stayed at the worlds most awesome Bed & Breakfast, Berry Patch B&B in Seward and I highly recommend it.

Micah enjoyed the Hammock.....

which may remind you of our trip to Cancun last year...

I did some reading....

Overall we had a good time in AK, it was predictably too short and I enjoying seeing my Uncle Larry as well as Nana.

We did miss Will a ton though and luckily he does not seem to have learned to crawl in our absence. Or he's hiding it well.



Awesome pics Lace! Sounds like you had a great time! :)


Alaska looks so beautiful. Eric is itching to go. And you look GREAT, Lacy.

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