Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Cart

Saturday William and I decided to let Micah sleep and enjoy our last few hours as a two some (meaning before the girls got home) to check out a store called "In Season" which only stocks food items from within 250 miles of their front door. Basically it's all Colorado food. Predictably it's a VERY small store. I had brought my stroller with me, not anticipating EXACTLY how small the store was (did I mention it was small?) and it easily took up half the walkable space on the floor. *sigh*

Afterwards we went to Sunflower Market for the rest of this weeks produce etc. and I had quite the quandry.

I could put William in the stroller, without the infant carseat, since he really likes that but my ability to shop would be severly limited.

I could leave William in the infant carseat and just put him in the shopping cart. He doesn't like this anymore.

I could put William in the front seat of the shopping cart. He's little and barely sitting up most days.

I elected to put him in the shopping cart seat.

At first he wasn't into it. The seat was a bit warm and well, it was new. Also, no functioning buckle.

He finally adapted to the idea, quickly I might add, in his normal William fashion.

I mean, look at all this space he has now to reach and touch.

Like this bar right here. He says "I can touch this cool bar. I wonder what it does...."

As with everything, he decided he had to taste it. That's what that bar does apparently.


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